Terms of Use

Read this terms of use carefully. The following terms of use explain the rules of the users or the using institution of www. meducoach.com (referred as “Meducoach”), the website of KISMITS, Co.,Ltd. (referred as “KISMITS”). This document explains how the contract is formed and explains some conditions of the contract.

The contract with KISTMIS will include the minimum of what is included in the document as long as there is no written agreement with KISMITS. This is called “general terms of use”. The user’s contract with KISTMIS includes all legal notice that applies to the use of Meducoach besides the general terms of use

By accessing Meducoach, the user acknowledges that he acquired the knowledge regarding the private information and data security policy information that can be accessed through KISMITS and is posted on https://meducoach.com/privacy. The user declares that he does not oppose the private information and data security policy information that is posted by KISMITS.

The user declares that he unconditionally accepts all the conditions that are defined below and is bound to indefinite restraint by accessing the website and its contents or using one or more services provided by the website.

This can be modified anytime without prior notice. All pages in the website, through the link, is systematically displayed to everyone by an accessible link. Therefore, these conditions and updates must be periodically examined.

If the user does not accept part or all of the terms of use, the user must abandon all use and withdraw from the site.

The conditions only apply to site access and usage. The conditions from the other contract from KISMITS does not change.

1. Meducoach Usage
1-1. The Purpose of Meducoach

Meducoach provides medical information to students who are medical experts and students who seek to become medical experts.

1-2. The Origin of Meducoach

The site was published by KISMITS Co.,Ltd., and the main workplace is Seoul Center of Creative Economy&Innovation, 6, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The publisher-in-head is Jooyoung Oh.

1-3. The Host of Meducoach

Meducoach is hosted by Amazon Web Services, Inc., and the registration office is at 410 Terry Ave North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210, United States.

1-4. The Operating Funds of Meducoach

Meducoach procures its funds through publisher, subscription, and advertisement

2. License
2-1. License Given by KISMITS to Users

KISMITS supplies its users a license that can accessed by the user’s mobile deice or the Meducoach website in the computer so that the user can use its contents and service. The license can download and upload applied programs and is limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-permissible. The user can exercise his rights given by this terms of use only by means of personal, non-commercial, authorized use of the service. However, if there is a specified purpose that is allowed by the subscription or the purchase contract or there is prior approval from KISMITS, the user’s rights may be exercised. Besides the allowed cases expressed by this terms of use, the following may not be exercised.

(i) Reproducing or altering a byproduct through means of copying, software, or service
(ii) Copying or reproducing pictures and videos without permission from KISMITS
(iii) Distributing, transferring, allocating, re-licensing, renting, or lending cotent, software, or service to a third party
(iv) Abusing in any way the entire or part of the content, software, data or service
(v) Allowing the user himself or other users to access functions or other contents through means that are not mentioned in this terms of use.

Here, besides the specially given rights by Meducoach, the user explicitly owns all rights, ownership, and interest of the user’s brand and picture.

2-2. License given by the user to KISMITS

The following content is omnipresent, eternal, irreversible, unable to be transferred or reallocated, can be re-licensed, and is given the authority to modify, copy, distribute, display, apply, post prepare, use, and unify the license without loyalty.

(i) The information, proposal, request, recommendation, modifications, and other feedback given by the user regarding the service
(ii) The user or the used institute’s mark or picture that is related to the service and the marketing and promotion of Meducoach.

Here, besides the specially given rights by Meducoach, the user explicitly owns all rights, ownership, and interest of the user’s brand and picture.

2-3. License Type Change

KISMITS reserves the rights to change the type of the user’s license anytime without notice, but it will try its best to contact the user if there is any changes.

3. Access
3-1. Free Access

The access of Meducoach is free. However, KISMITS reserves the rights to make a paid service of all or part of the service of Meducoach without notice.

3-2. Paid Access

Certain services in the Meducoach can be accessed through registration and payment that is explained through the process found in the website. KISMITS reserves the rights to suspend, prohibit, or refuse the access of users who do not comply to the stated conditions.

3-3. Service Availability, Update, and Termination

KISMITS can modify or cancel information provided by Meducoach anytime. It reserves the rights to temporarily or eternally cease or modify part or whole of access to Meducoach. Also, KISMITS does not guarantee that the service or product displayed online can be used at the point of order. The detailed content of product and service delivery follows the subscription or purchase contract.

3-4. Software Update

The Meducoach service or application, frequently and automatically updated by KISMITS, can be downloaded and installed. This update is designed to develop service improvement, enhancement, and extra development and can take the form of fixing bugs, enhancing functions, and promoting a wholly new version. The user agrees that he receives updates as part of the service usage and allows KISMITS to provide this information to the user.

4. User Regulation
4-1. Security Obstruction or Privacy Infringement

(i) Modifying, nullifying, or damaging information of the user’s computer connected to Meducoach
(ii) Disturbing privacy by means of intruding the server, contents, resource of Meducoach or intentionally disconnecting server access by sending computer virus or other hazardous files
(iii) Acquiring the identity of other users or personal information through Meducoach
(iv) Sending unwanted emails to personnel or parties through Meducoach
(v) Distracting other user’s Meducoach usage or intruding private information

4-2. Violation of Access Rights

(i) Reverse engineering parts or whole of Meducoach or accessing limited service or content without authorization
(ii) Other usage that does not comply to the rights granted to Meducoach

5. Quality and Usage
5-1. Quality

KISMITS strives to take close attention the quality of information provided by Meducoach and update it on a regular basis. However, KISMITS does not have the liability to update the information that can be accessed on the website on a regular basis. Also, the product may include errors or inaccurate or missing data. KISMITS does not have the liability to announce its users about the update and its content if it modifies information or data for quality enhancement.

5-2. Usage

KISMITS is not a medical service provider and does not provide medical advice based on explanation. Meducoach is not a medical equipment and is not a form of decision support software.

Meducoach includes information that is of interest in a typical manual and cannot be replaced or assimilated by legal or medical advice. Meducoach includes information regarding various health and medical educational data and information about the body on a regular basis. This information does not replace the advices of medical educators, doctors, or other medical experts. As medical experts or students in the medical field, users should use their own discretion to evaluate the reliability of the information of the problem. KISMITS strongly recommends all users to refer to other sources to verify the information of Meducoach. The information included here cannot be used to diagnose and inspect diseases. Furthermore, the medical expert and patient relationship between the user and KISMITS does not form by using the Meducoach.

5-3. Personal Medical Information .

The user may not reveal information that form personal health information that is defined by privatcy rules regulauted by all nations that use Meducoach. The user states and guarantees that such information will not be revealed to Meducoach.

5-4. Advertisement

KISMITS explicitly distinguishes advertising space by mentioning “advertisement” or a similar term. KISMITS can join a service provided by another firm that allows the advertisement to be automatically inserted directly. However, such advertisement is under control of the editor who is control of editing the advertisement on the website.

6. Availability of Product or Service
6-1. Service Availability

Meducoach can be used by integration of other websites or applications services created by various departments, affiliates and subsidiaries of KISMITS. Also, it can be used with websites from outside institutions if KISMITS made a separate partnership contract.

6-2. Restriction of Usage

The product, application, or service may not be available in the country the user desires to use in even if Meducoach mentions product, application, or service of KISMITS. The website or application of Meducoach may not be available in the user’s country or region. Meducoach includes information that certain countries or regions may use or may not use. The user is liable to check whether the site or the content matches with the legal guidelines of the nation with the site or content, and check whether the residing country’s legal guidelines are violated.

7. Liability and Warranty

This section is applied to the maximum range that the relevant regulations allow.

7-1. Content Usage

Meducoach does not have a special relationship or responsibility with the user. KISMITS is not obligated to take action for the effect that the content causes to the user and the results that come from interpreting the content or its usage. KISMITS acknowledges that it does not control over these issues. KISMITS does not make suggestions or guarantee regarding the content included in the website or the service, and is not obligated to the accuracy, copyright obeyance, legitimacy, or negativity of the data included in the service or accessed through the service.

7-2. Service

KISMITS does not have implicitly testify or guarantee in any form regarding completeness, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, legitimacy, compatibility, or availability. Meducoach service, content, and application is provided “as it is” without any guarantee. Therefore, relying on such information is solely the liability of the user. Information or advice attained through verbal, written, Meducoach or other linked websites does not create any warranty.

7-3. Error Correction

KISMITS denies the warranty that the software or service is errorless, does not discontinues, or fixes all errors. Therefore, the user is fully responsible for all consequences that occur by using the software or service. Some jurisdiction does not limit the duration of implied warranty so the following limitations may not apply to the user.

7-4. Third Party Data Warranty

The website may include hypertext link regarding other websites controlled by a third party. However KISMITS does not guarantee the quality of such linked websites. Therefore, KISMITS does not guarantee the service provided by contents of other websites. Also, KISMITS is not liable to the content, information, and data uploaded on Meducoach. The user is fully responsible for the uploaded content, information that he uploaded.

8. Ownership and Copyright
8-1. Copyright and Brand

The brand, service mark, business name, trade dress and product included in Meducoach is internationally and domestically protected by the International Copyright Convention and Trademark Law. The product, application, and the name of another company that can be seen during the usage of Meducoach may be the brand or business of the corresponding owner. Besides the product or service of the company, all marks that appear in Meducoach cannot be interpreted as granting permission or rights of use implicitly, estoppel, or in other means.

8-2. Content Protection

All content displayed in Meducoach (referred as “content”) is protected by Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Software, application, text, database, logo, image, picture, graphic, video, animation sequence, and intellectual property videos from sites and contents formed by sound are all assets of KISMITS or a third party given permission by KISMITS

Contact [email protected] or Contact in the webpage if intellectual property seems to be inappropriately used in the Meducoach website.

9. Termination of Relationship with KISMITS
9-1. Termination of Relationship

KISMITS can terminate the legal contract with the user at any time under these conditions.
(i) The user violated the terms of use
(ii) The use of Meducoach is disallowed in the user’s country
(iii) The partner that KISMITS provided to the user terminated the relationship with KISMITS, or terminated service to the user
(iv) KISMITS decides not to provide service to the user’s country
(v) Meducoach is no longer commercially available for service in the perspective of KISMITS, or the subscription fee is not paid

9-2. Rights and Responsibilities

After the terms of use terminates, the legal rights, duties and responsibilities will continue in between the user and KISMITS. The termination does not give any influence, and by column 10-4 such rights, duties and responsibilities will apply indefinitely

10. Other Regulations
10-1. Term

KISMITS can stop, modify, suspend or discontinue all access and usage of Meducoach. KISMITS may withdraw or modify all content from Meducoach. It can limit the access of certain functions or service or can limit access to parts or all of the website without notice or bearing responsibility. Medcoach reserves the rights to terminate site usage rights by sole discretion at any time.

10-2. Translation

The translation of condition to another language, if applicable, is provided for informational use. If there is discrepancy between the translation and the Korean version, the Korean version is the only version that holds authenticity and controls the relationship between the two parties.

10-3. Claim

All complaints and reports regarding misusage or intellectual property infringement should be delivered in written form through the contact method mentioned above. When violation of intellectual property occurs, the following should be provided.

- The identity, contact information, signature of the rights holder who is deemed to be violated
- (If applicable), the identity, contact information, signature of the representative of the rights holder to control notice of infringement rights
- Accurate explanation regarding the disrespect of the rights of the holder who requested the nullification from the site
- Declaration of honor verifying the accuracy of the information transferred to KISMIST

10-4. Related Law and Jurisdiction

Meducoach is designed and developed in the Republic of Korea. The terms of use is applied to the laws of the Republic of Korea. If there is dispute regarding the application of the terms of use, interpretation, or the usage of the website by a natural person or corporation, there is an expressed consent that Republic of Kore’s court has the sole jurisdiction even if the defendants are several people.

10-5. Contact

Seoul Center of Creative Economy&Innovation, 6, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Phone: +82 10 9780 8487
[email protected]